Letter to Governor Chafee

One hundred days after Superstorm Sandy, clean energy businesses and organizations in Rhode Island submitted a letter to Governor Chafee urging improvements to the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI), the Northeast region’s cap on power plant emissions. The letter called for a strengthened emissions cap, strict clean energy standards, and loophole prevention. 


Birding for beginners

Birding, or bird-watching, can be a great escape right in our own backyards. It is also an opportunity to learn even more about the natural world and contribute to global research and bird population preservation. And, with spring about to be in full bloom, birds are migrating north from their tropical winter homes, making now the perfect time for birding across North America.


2013 Program Priorities

Environment Rhode Island's policy priorities for 2013 include a plastic bag ban to protect Narragansett Bay from plastic pollution, and a slate of policies to promote clean energy and rein in fossil fuel emissions.